ramblingbloke (ramblingbloke) wrote,

Music in the Highlands

  Music in the Highlands permeates all aspects of society and is the lifeblood of the community with children brought up playing, listening and dancing to traditional and modern, switching unthinkingly between the two. Distinctions are blurred. Music is music.
  I am listening to a Blazing Fiddles CD in the car at the moment, although I change my music selection on a regular basis. As well as a Blazing Fiddles, I have an Amy MacDonald, a Rachel Sermani and a Jake Bugg in the glove compartment. I saw Jake Bugg perform at the music festival in Ullapool some years ago and was reminded of a young Bob Dylan, although time will tell if he has the stamina, creativity and charisma to endure.

Extracted from "The Bit in the Middle" to be published in the summer of 2016. Non fiction, autobiographical, the life and times of a self-employed gardener in the Scottish Highlands.More details on the website
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