ramblingbloke (ramblingbloke) wrote,

Extracted from The Bit In The Middle to be published as an ebook in Spring 2016

“…Take one day at a time, that’s what I say, though sometimes several days hit you at once and everything becomes a muckle and a trackle.
  I checked the emails in the early hours of the morning and discovered a message from a Mrs Basserole in the African Congo inviting me to accept payment of 2 million Congolese francs as soon as I sent my bank details to Mr Basserole.  Good Lord, did she think I was mad?  I am not prone to checking anything very much in the early hours of the morning, you know, but of late Jasper (dog) has taken to chewing the house and the sound of splintering wood woke me up. It was an internal door.  I told him off, had a coffee, then replied sternly to the offending email. A morning shave in the middle of the night, a lengthy snooze, some further discussion with the dog about inappropriate chewing, the remains of last night’s casserole for breakfast (because my stomach told me that breakfast time was lunch time) and several coffees later, I set off to tackle a garden in need of some serious power tool therapy…”

Extracted from The Bit in the Middle to be published as an ebook in Spring 2016. Non fiction, autobiographical, the life and times of a self-employed gardener in the Scottish Highlands.
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