ramblingbloke (ramblingbloke) wrote,

Therapeutic benefits of gardening - or something like that.

The therapeutic benefits of gardening are well documented. There’s nothing like strimming the strawberries, chain sawing the hedge and generally letting loose with power tools in the shrubbery to exercise the mind and invigorate the body. Plants survive most things, you know, as long as you don’t fiddle faddle about. Leave them be, that’s what I say, apart from the occasional hearty prune with a hedge trimmer, or one of those remarkable battery charged, swivel-bladed, Sunday Roast Carving Knives if there’s nothing else to hand.

Extracted from The Bit in the Middle to be published as an ebook in Spring 2016. Non fiction, autobiographical, the life and times of a self-employed gardener in the Scottish Highlands.
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